Darren Lerigo’s talk, June 3rd

A full report of Darren’s talk will be in July’s Beacon but here are some of the website addresses he mentioned.

Henk Gerritsen modernmint.co.uk/waltham-place-talk-watch-youtube

Rosi Bee Nurseries http://www.rosybee.com/research

Rewilding uk.bookshop.org/books/feral-rewilding-the-land-sea-and-human-life

Marina Chrsitopher and Phoenix Perennial Plants modernmint.co.uk/taking-cuttings/inAlton

Dalefoot Composts http://www.dalefootcomposts.co.uk

Henk Gerritsen owns Waltham Place which of course, is not far away. He has made an amazing wilderness garden and abides by 4 rules.

  1. fertilisers and chemicals are a mortal sin
  2. disturb soil as little as possible as its loses carbon so weed like a cow, wear gloves and rip off at ground level
  3. be frugal with water
  4. don’t whinge!!