Clematis Advice from our June 2019 Meeting

How to Grow Clematis Successfully



Flower in spring or winter. Don’t need to bury them deeply.


Clematis Montana

Don’t need to bury deeply. Vast majority flower in spring. Now some very interesting new hybrids on the market. Some of the more compact are likely to be the most popular. Grow in full sun to more shady aspects. Very tough.


Large flowered hybrids

Much larger flowers than Evergreen and Montana. Flower in spring and then again in summer. Bury 3 inches deeper when planting to avoid clematis wilt. If plant does become infected cut infected stems down to ground level and destroy. New growth will start to emerge from dormant buds below the surface. Any broken stems should be cut cleanly with a sharp knife


Clematis Viticella

Tend to flower during the summer months with core flowering time being the end of June.   Trouble free group that grows in a range of aspects and soil types. Bury 3 inches deeper. Grows 10 to 12 feet in height



Tend to have more tulip shaped flowers. Grow 6 to 8 feet in height. Flower from end of June to end August/early September. Plant 3 inches deeper.



Exceedingly free flowering. Love sunny, open, well drained soil. Usually flower mid summer to end September. As they finish flowering have attractive silver seed heads. Grow 10 to 12 feet in height. Ideal for slightly drier situations.


Herbaceous Clematis

Contain some of the more strongly scented clematis that we can grow in our gardens. Very hardy, easy to grow. Prefer sunny, more open situation. Don’t often see them in the garden centres. Tend to only be available through more specialised nurseries.



All tend to come into flower in April or May. Tend to have single open bell shaped flowers and don’t need to be buried deeply.   Often have attractive seeds heads after flowering. Compact growers – 6 to 8 feet in height.




Pruning group 1 contains all of the evergreens, montana and macropetala alpina varieties.   Technically these varieties don’t require pruning but can be pruned from the top or sideways after flowering if desired.


Pruning Group 2 consists of the large flowered hybrids which tend to flower on the previous year’s growth. In January/February starting at the top of each stem, follow down until you come to a plump green bud. Cut off above that, removing any dead wood.